Carrefour opens new branch in C3 Mall in 15th of May City


Engineer Mohamed Khalafallah, Head of the May 15 City Development Authority, inaugurated the third branch of Carrefour in C3 malls (Ciao City Center) in cooperation with “Modern Retail Group and Global Retail Gate – MRG) (GRG) in the 3 acres area south of the city, with an area of 4,000 meters. And investments exceeding 60 million pounds.

The inauguration was attended by Major General Abdel Naim Hamed, Member of Parliament, Dr. Mahmoud Bakri, Senator, Major General Arkan Harb Hisham Al-Khatib, Chairman of the MRG Board of Directors, and Dr. Mohamed Sanaa El-Din Wafi, Chairman of Global Retail Gate “GRG”, Dr. Tamer Gouda is the CEO of GRG and a group of investors.

The head of the May 15 City Authority confirmed that the Authority provided all kinds of support, starting with licenses and connecting the necessary facilities for the first commercial chain on May 15 to serve 600,000 people, explaining that this opening comes within the framework of the Authority’s interest in providing all services to the city’s residents, in order to provide a “dignified life.” » them, according to the directives of Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and New Urban Communities, to provide all services to citizens at the level of the new urban city agencies.

Dr. Mohamed Sanaa El-Din Wafi, Chairman of Global Retail Gate, said that the company offers commercial centers in the name of Chow City Center “C3 and provides all services and commercial patterns that suit different age groups in distinct locations that are easily accessible and serve the greatest extent possible.” From customers, explaining that the company «MRG» signed a protocol with Majid Al Futtaim Group to operate and manage a number of commercial chains in the new urban cities.

Wafi added that the state is the main engine of the economy and not the private sector alone, pointing out that the state is able to change the laws on investment and that Law No. 72 of 2017, for example, allows the investor to invest directly in some strategic projects, expecting that the law will achieve its goal within 3 years, explaining that the investor The foreigner secures his investments with guarantees from the state, praising President Sisi’s decision to grant the golden license to investors and the development in the management of economic bodies at the present time.

MRG’s chairman explained that the company aims, in the second phase of the project, to expand outside Cairo and in the new delta in particular, especially since it lacks organized commercial centers, especially that the trade sector is one of the largest sectors that provides many job opportunities. direct and indirect.

Wafi stressed that the companies pumping new investments into commercial chains at the present time is a strong message that the country is safe and able to attract more foreign investments in addition to providing a competitive service to the citizen in terms of quality and price.

Dr. Tamer Gouda, Executive Managing Director of “MRG” for Projects and Management, a modern company and an alliance that was established in 2022 from the alliance of the two companies “GRG” for development and project management, and Modern Egypt, an Egyptian joint stock company in accordance with Law 72 of 2017, said the company also includes a group of Egyptian partners in addition to partners from Germany. and the European Union.

Gouda added that the company has opened two branches in Obour and Sixth of October within the protocol, and opened the third branch in May City, with operational investments for each branch 60 million pounds, explaining that the protocol includes the opening of two new branches before the end of the current year on the 10th of Ramadan and Al-Shorouk City.

Gouda explained that the commercial centers have an average area of between 9,000 and 13,000 square meters, noting that Carrefour provides from 150 to 200,000 direct job opportunities, in addition to about 200 other job opportunities in the 25 commercial units located inside the mall.

The executive managing director of “MRG” said that the rest of the units inside the mall will be housed within 5 months, noting that the opening of the second phase of the Obour and October branches will be next December.

Dr. Mohamad wafi, also expressed the increase in the volume of the company’s investments in cooperation with the National Service Projects Organization, while the opening of the May 15th branch came within a series that was recently opened in the new urban areas, namely, Al-Obour Al-Jadida – New Sixth of October – Badr City – Al-Shorouk City – 15th May City – Tenth of Ramadan City – the new administrative capital. This may also give an opportunity for the novice and aspiring investment companies to increase the volume of their investments in cooperation with the MRG company, which came in a series of contracts supervised by the advisor, Yasser Hegazy, the legal advisor to the Global Real Gate Company. Which has made great efforts in the recent period to reconcile the legal conditions of the contracting companies within the group of malls that were opened recently

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