Johnson Controls to Join COP27 as Part of its Commitment Towards Fostering a Net-Zero Future

Johnson Controls Arabia (JCI Arabia), a leading multi-industrial company, and a pioneer provider of integrated solutions across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, has announced that it will be taking part in COP27, the biggest and most important annual climate-related conference globally. Through its participation, JCI Arabia will be spearheading conversations that reaffirm its commitment to decarbonizing its supply chains in their entirety – from the acquisition of raw materials to the manufacturing and transportation processes, and end-of-life treatment – in an aim to carve a safer, greener, more climate-resilient world.

At the event, which is set to take place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, from November 6, 2022, until November 18, 2022, George Oliver, the CEO of Johnson Controls, will be participating in two panel discussions, namely SMI Sustainable Buildings Taskforce on November 8, and the JCI Panel with BRT on November 9. In addition, Dr. Mohanad Al Shaikh, CEO of JCI Arabia, will be leading a presentation titled Johnson Controls Arabia’s approach towards decarbonization and net zero building: smart HVAC deployment case study at the Saudi Pavilion.

Throughout these engagements, Johnson Controls’ leadership team will be showcasing the company’s ambitious and credible actions towards adopting integrated approaches in its sustainability strategy – doubling down to unlock new market opportunities while simultaneously ensuring that the natural ecosystem is preserved and protected. These discussions will demonstrate how these executives have led their organization to go from pledges to action – investing in new technologies and innovative partnerships throughout their value chain that drive circularity and a net-zero impact.

George Oliver, CEO of Johnson Controls, commented, “We couldn’t be more proud of our role in such a globally well-renowned event and what is without a doubt going to be a key milestone in the journey towards climate change mitigation. We’re confident that with our participation, we’ll be accelerating the robust steps that we’ve been taking towards tackling some of the most pressing challenges of our lifetime and bringing our short and long-term sustainability goals to life.”

Dr. Mohanad Al Shaikh, CEO of JCI Arabia, added: “Ultimately, there couldn’t have been a better opportunity for us to join the global solidarity against the threat of climate change in order to transform economies, societies, and our environment, which we’ve always placed at the forefront of our mission. We hope to continue to engage in such meaningful conversations that catalyze the country’s eco-awakening, especially as momentum builds around the sustainability movement, and we can’t wait to see the impact of COP27 unfold.”

Since its founding, Johnson Controls has prided itself in leading the way in sustainability – not only for customers, but in its own business practices. The company is one of the first in the region to design, engineer, and deliver sustainable products, services and solutions that not only optimize energy consumption, but also offer the highest level of comfort and security for all the communities in which it operates. It was also among the earliest industrial companies to report emissions and pledge emission reductions, reducing carbon emissions intensity by more than 70% since 2002. In fiscal year 2021, 78% of its product research and development was invested in climate-related innovation to develop its portfolio of sustainable products and services.

For instance, one of JCI Arabia’s core services are “efficient buildings”, which essentially boost building efficiency with their smart solutions while also providing maximum comfort and dramatically dialing down energy consumption in vacant or lightly used spaces – all using its “HVAC System Automation”. OpenBlue, the company’s digital platform, further reduces energy consumption by an impressive 50% and reinvents the building to be a strategic asset. Additionally, “Chilled Water System” is a state-of-the-art air-cooled and water-cooled chiller and condensing unit that reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions, advancing the company’s responsibility towards reimagining the performance of buildings to serve people, places, and the planet.

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