aiBANK and Valu Unveil Exclusive Co-Branded Credit Card in Association with Visa

Streamlined issuance, robust cashback, and exclusive enhance the overall user experience for Valu customers.

aiBANK, a leading provider of integrated retail, corporate, and Islamic banking solutions in Egypt and Valu, MENA’s leading universal financial technology powerhouse, is proud to announce their partnership in issuing a new co-branded a credit card in association with Visa, a world leader in digital payments, that is exclusive to Valu customers. This collaboration aims to provide exceptional financial solutions to Valu’s customers while enhancing the overall customer experience for users. Eligible Valu customers will be able to apply for the card through the Valu app starting from Sunday, January 28th.

The newly launched a credit card exclusively issued by aiBANK will provide Valu’s customers with unprecedented benefits. Firstly, customers enjoy a daily earnings boost with a 1% cashback on food and beverage as well as fuel purchases, providing a tangible reward for their everyday transactions. Flash cashbacks will allow users to enjoy cashback rewards at unexpected moments, adding an additional dimension to their financial interactions. The Buy-Now, Pay-Later (BNPL) option also empowers customers to manage purchases through flexible installments, while the fee-free Valu dues settlement ensures a seamless payment process without any additional charges. With the most seamless onboarding process and with zero issuance fees, customers can effortlessly apply for and start using the card.  The new card will introduce a unique balance transfer program, allowing customers to transfer their balances from any other credit cards. This program offers exclusive benefits in terms of process and pricing, extending over a duration of three months.

Iman Badr, Senior Director, Consumer & Business Banking of aiBANK, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “We are delighted to collaborate with Valu and Visa on this exciting project, as it marks a unique and strategic partnership for aiBANK. This co-branded credit card cements our efforts to create innovative financial solutions and exceptional customer experiences catering to clients’ evolving needs. By joining forces with Valu and Visa, we aim to reach a broader customer base and enhance their lifestyles by providing them with exclusive benefits, latest payment innovations and seamless financial experiences.”

Ahmed Seoudy, Product Development Senior Director of Valu, said, “We are thrilled to partner with aiBANK and Visa to launch this exclusive co-branded credit card. This card will add significant value to our customers, providing them with enhanced financial flexibility and global usability, while rewarding their loyalty to Valu. With the ability to pay at any point of sale, our valued cardholders can now enjoy a wider range of purchasing options, both locally and internationally. The card will offer incredibly attractive limits and customers will seamlessly request the card through the Valu app. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional financial solutions that elevate lifestyle experience for our customers, empowering them to embrace a world of possibilities.”

The new card will also offer a range of extra perks, including a free issuance fee, up to 58 days grace period for repayments, credit shield protection, and the provision of a free supplementary card. Together, these features offer a comprehensive solution, combining daily rewards, flexibility, and additional protections to elevate the financial well-being of users.

“We are incredibly excited to join forces with aiBANK and Valu to introduce this remarkable co-branded credit card to the market. This collaboration represents a fusion of visionary minds, where aiBANK’s financial prowess, Valu’s seamless financial products and exceptional retail partners network, and Visa’s cutting-edge global payment solutions converge to redefine the possibilities for Valu customers. With this credit card, users can unlock a world of seamless transactions, unparalleled rewards, and exclusive privileges. Together, we are reshaping how consumers experience and embrace the power of payments in Egypt,” commented Malak El Baba, Country Manager, Visa Egypt.

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