EAR Media visited the Baheya and emphasized supporting cancer fighters

The Baheya Foundation received a visit from the EAR Media team at its Sheikh Zayed branch, where the executive team of the foundation organized the visit, attended by Mr. Alaa El Kahki, Chairman of the Board of EAR Media, Dr. Ashraf Kordy, CEO and MD of the company, and Ahmed Saleh Morsi, the company’s GM.

During the visit, Dr. Jilan Ahmed, Executive Director of the Baheya Foundation, and the Public Relations team led by Radwa Qansoua provided a detailed presentation on the achievements and recent developments of the foundation, especially at Zayed Hospital, highlighting the diligent efforts to provide the best services for cancer fighters.

Alaa El Kahki expressed his pride in cooperating with the Baheya Foundation, emphasizing the importance of the societal role played by EAR Media and its positive impact in supporting charitable organizations, particularly in the field of cancer-fighting. He reiterated EAR Media’s desire to enhance this partnership and utilize its advertising expertise to support Baheya Foundation.

On the other hand, Dr. Ashraf Kordy, CEO and MD of EAR Media emphasized the importance of the visit to evaluate the needs of Baheya Foundation and work on developing marketing strategies that enhance awareness of the foundation’s role and achieve results that exceed expectations.

He expressed EAR Media’s commitment to continue supporting Baheya by planning ongoing advertising campaigns that highlight the scientific and social achievements of the foundation, considering this partnership as a significant step towards achieving a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of fighters and society as a whole. He pointed out that the meeting confirms EAR Media’s commitment to Baheya Foundation towards enhancing positive impact on the lives of fighters and society as a whole, reaffirming the continuity of support and cooperation to achieve more successes in the future.

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