For Impact Group launches «Support for the growth of Egyptian Startups» initiative

Hala Wahba, the founder and current CEO of For Impact Group (FIG), affirmed that the startup sector is one of the important sectors that experiencing substantial and noticeable growth in the face of global economic challenges.

Wahba emphasised “Startups always need support from both government institutions and the private sector, in order to nurture the talent of Egyptian startups, foster new experiences, and support entrepreneurs.

She highlighted that Egypt ranked first in the North Africa and the Middle East in terms of the number of investment deals in startups last year.  This proves the ability of these companies to innovate and provide valuable solutions.”

Wahba explained, “Through our company, For Impact Group (FIG) , we are launching the ‘Support for the growth of Egyptian Startups ‘ initiative, offering PR and digital consultations to empower these companies.”

The CEO confirmed that this initiative will continue until the end of 2023, by outlining the company’s objectives and its strategic plan towards achieving milestones through a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Wahba shared her motivation behind launching the initiative, citing the recent changes in the local market due to events in the Arab region.

She expressed, “Many companies are proactively developing new marketing strategies to explore alternative products, with new startups emerging in the market.”

Highlighting the national role of our company, Wahba noted, “Our commitment to supporting our country’s products aligns with the government’s priority of fostering entrepreneurship and supporting startups. This initiative serves as a pathway for innovative entrepreneurial ideas to grow in the Egyptian market.”

For Impact Group is a leading company in digital public relations and smart digital solutions, renowned for its unique artistic aura stemming from cutting-edge media technologies. Through a smart and creative approach to technology, the company excels in promoting and developing brands in both local and regional markets.

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