Fortinet Recognized as a Leader for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure in the 2024

The industry is finally realizing that networking and security need to be converged. Traditional networking products try and bolt security on top; Fortinet builds secure WLAN/LAN products with security built in from the ground up. Even with thin edge applications, we’ve integrated our cloud-based security, FortiSASE, to drive seamless, secure connectivity. Further, we are heavily investing in AIOps to reduce operational friction and improve digital experience.

– John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer

News Summary

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), the global cybersecurity leader driving the convergence of networking and security, today announced it has been recognized as a Leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure.

Fortinet believes that this recognition can be attributed to the strength of its Secure Connectivity portfolio—including wired and wireless LAN—which integrates seamlessly with the Fortinet Security Fabric, Fortinet’s unified networking and cybersecurity platform. Fortinet’s unique approach enables the convergence of networking and security, allowing organizations to address increased risk in their environment while reducing complexities, lowering costs, and improving overall performance.

AI-Driven Secure Connectivity Solutions Managed through a Single Platform

As networks become increasingly distributed, organizations need to extend security across their entire network while simplifying operations and improving end-user experiences. Fortinet provides advanced wired and wireless LAN solutions that converge networking and security, offering customers:

Industry-leading LAN with a strong focus on security: More organizations now view security as a business risk, and the need for a secure, easy-to-manage LAN solution is more vital than ever to support daily operations. Customers can integrate their wired and wireless LAN into the Fortinet Security Fabric platform through a common operating system, FortiOS. This integration enables increased visibility and control of both network and security functions while reducing management and licensing overhead. Leveraging network firewall visibility and control enables Fortinet to offer a more robust wired and wireless LAN without the additional cost. The benefits of Secure Connectivity are evident across deployments of all sizes, including our microbranch solution, which allows FortiAP access points to serve as an endpoint for Unified SASE, SD-Branch, campuses, OT environments, and data centers.

Streamlined management capabilities: Through the Fortinet Security Fabric platform, organizations can leverage zero-touch deployment to quickly turn on both security and networking functionality. Organizations can manage and troubleshoot the network, security, and even SD-WAN functionality through a single console, available on-premises or in the cloud. Fortinet’s intuitive architecture also includes numerous built-in security and management features, eliminating the need for organizations to adopt additional licenses and subscriptions to manage disparate solution components such as access points and switches.

AI-driven insights to create efficiencies and deliver superior experiences: Fortinet’s dedicated AI operations module, FortiAIOps, enables administrators to easily baseline network performance, view and analyze trends, and access and implement recommendations to strengthen the performance and resilience of the network. The AI engine also offers event correlation and issue remediation across the organization’s entire network, leveraging data feeds from each solution connected to the Fortinet Security Fabric platform.

Support for microbranches: FortiAP uniquely integrates with FortiSASE to provide organizations with easy access to unparalleled cloud-delivered security and performance. This integration is ideal to support microbranch use cases. Combined with digital experience monitoring, Fortinet’s solution delivers converged access to support today’s hybrid workforce.

These capabilities are all made possible using a single operating system, FortiOS, to develop, manage, and operate both networking and security solutions through the Fortinet Security Fabric.

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