Hala London Channel inaugurates its journey in Dubai

wit With "Pro Talk" Talk Show

The British “Hala London” Channel, which is Arabic speaking and based in Beirut, announced the launching of its new Talk Show “Pro Talk” from Dubai, that will be prepared and presented by Saleh Tabbakh, the investment portfolio management expert, and the CEO and founder of Andalsuia Courtyard company for real estate development.

Commenting on the launching of the new Talk Show, Tabbakh said: “I am delighted to join the team of “Hala London” media channel, which one of the most significant new channels, and is characterized by dynamism, and aims to present attractive real stories, after its success in achieving big popularity within short time of its inauguration”. Tabbakh added that he aims to present throw “Pro Talk” a new and rich content that benefit its followers.

He clarified that the new Talk Show highlights the distinctive journeys of its guests, as they will discuss the most difficult times that they lived, the challenges that they confronted, and the sacrifices that they presented during their careers until they reached their current statuses. Tabbakh noted that “Pro Talk” will host prominent figures in the realm of money and business, from the UAE and the KSA.

Tabbakh shared his thoughts regarding this exciting opportunity, and said: “I am proud to be associated to “Hala London” Channel, as it is a good platform to present my ideas and the stories of my guests, and to highlight the main activities and events in both of the UAE and the KSA. I think that this new talk show will be a catalyst for its viewers, and will stimulate them to fearlessly accomplish their goals”.

From her side, the CEO of “Hala London” in Beirut, Mrs. Monica Salman, expressed her happiness to extend the activities of the Channel to Dubai, and said: “We are keen to present the real stories in a modern style to our audiences, and to keep them informed about the market trends. This new talk show is deemed a pride for me, as it allows to us presenting stories of deep impacts, without any influence and with full freedom. We aim to inspire the next generation trough the business realm”.

The inclusion of Saleh Tabbakh, as a host of the “Pro Talk” Talk Show, is deemed a new achievement for “Hala London” Channel, as he is considered the suitable person to accomplish the mission of the Channel, thanks to his own successful story, and his passion to inspire others. Moreover, he will help the channel in presenting an exciting content and priceless advices, while focusing upon the successful Arab youths’ stories.






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