IDB Launches Internet Banking Service for Individual and Corporate Customers

The Industrial Development Bank (IDB) announced today the launch of its internet banking service for individual and corporate customers, according to an official announcement on its Facebook page.

The “Internet Banking” service provides customers with the ability to inquire about their accounts, transfer funds between accounts in the same currency, request checkbooks, settle credit card dues, cancel checkbook requests, and reorder checkbooks.

The bank also added that the service enables customers to create documentary credits for imports, issue letters of guarantee, access general account inquiries, view account summaries and utilized limits, as well as inquire about transactions and account details.

The service allows customers, whether individuals or companies, to inquire about checks for collection, deposits, loan/facility details, view documentary credit requests, import and export collection documents, export proceeds, existing letters of guarantee, exchange rates, and general bank messages (notifications).

All of these features will assist retail and corporate customers in meeting their needs through a central and electronic platform that ensures easy, fast, and secure transactions.

Customers can subscribe to the service by visiting their nearest branch or contacting the official number provided on the bank’s page.

It is worth mentioning that the Industrial Development Bank joined the “Instapay” instant payment network last month, with the aim of enhancing electronic and instant financial transactions for its customers.

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