Philosophy House in Fujairah Contributes to The Barletta Declaration at The G7 Summit 2024 in Italy

Representing the culturally vibrant Gulf region and the Arab world, a distinguished delegation from the Philosophy House in Fujairah—comprising Ahmed Al Samahi, Manager of the Philosophy House, and Philipp Dorstewitz, a member of the Philosophy House Research Committee, played a pivotal role in drafting the Barletta Declaration at the G7 Summit 2024 in Italy. The meetings convened an esteemed assembly of philosophers and intellectuals to develop a profound declaration, which will be presented to the G7 presidency in June 2024.

The “Declaration on Philosophy and Interculturality” also referred to as “The Barletta Declaration” was communicated following an invitation for the G7 Summit in Italy. Its purpose is to tackle matters affecting the G7 countries—Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States of America—along, with the European Union.

Over the course of three days, the participants engaged in intensive discussions and drafting sessions, focusing on the benefits and resources of philosophizing across cultural and geographical borders. They emphasized how philosophical dialogue and collaboration can be instrumental in addressing global challenges and fostering a more peaceful and cooperative future.

The Barletta Declaration, the culmination of this summit, presents key recommendations to political leaders and change agents at the G7 Summit. The document highlights how fostering philosophical engagement and open-minded dialogue can lead to an equitable understanding and interchange of diverse practices and perspectives. These efforts are aimed at promoting a future that thrives on mutual respect, understanding, and collaborative problem-solving.

Ahmed Al Samahi, Manager of Philosophy House, expressed his pride in choosing Philosophy House to take part in the summit and craft its concluding message. He emphasized that Philosophy House has consistently dedicated itself to promoting dialogue, cultural interaction, and socialization among diverse communities, rooted deeply in its heritage. Over the past three years, this cultural institution has made significant philosophical contributions on both Arab and international platforms. Its mission to strengthen intercultural understanding aligns perfectly with the summit’s theme.”

“Philosophy House has hosted numerous conferences, lectures, and workshops, and published books and a magazine, demonstrating its readiness to represent the Arab region in global philosophical forums. The institution is also committed to defending human values, a tradition inherited from Arab-Islamic philosophers who advocated for humanity and universal principles. By fostering principles of tolerance, dialogue and convergence; Philosophy House strives to connect nations” concluded Al Samahi.

Philipp Dorstewitz, Member of the Philosophy House Research Committee added: “The recommendations we have put forward in the Barletta Declaration reflect a deep commitment to leveraging philosophical insights for the betterment of society. We look forward to seeing these ideas influence policy and contribute to a more harmonious global community.”

The Barletta Declaration will be presented at the G7 Summit scheduled for June 2024, with hopes that its insights and recommendations will inspire meaningful action among world leaders.

To learn more about Philosophy House in Fujairah, please visit Philosophy House website.

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