Solid Egypt aims to reach 250 companies by the end of this year

Solid Egypt, technology solutions provider, revealed its expansion plan in 2024, starting with the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its CRM system. This CRM platform develops and manages customer relationships with real estate companies to integrate modern technology with sales during the coming period, especially since real estate market is promising and always in need of development.

CEO of Solid Egypt Ahmed Adel Hassan said that applying AI technology in its programmes helps sales department in companies to reach the highest sales results besides, it contributes to controlling the number of customers. Accordingly, sales managers can follow all reports of sales department easily, and it allows sales department to determine its priorities for customers.

Hassan explained that the Solid CRM system serves more than 150 of the largest real estate companies in the Egyptian market, noted that the company aims to bring the number of companies using the Solid CRM system to 250 companies by the end of this year. This serves Egypt’s trend towards urban expansion and opening the real estate market to many developers who contribute to urban development, which requires a strong and flexible CRM system.

Further, Adel revealed that the company aims to expand into new sectors inside and outside Egypt. Solid is raising the level of vision and aspirations, which began with the company’s entry into Asian market through Indonesia, which added a distinctive character, given the expansion of the Indonesian market in building a new capital in Nusantara instead of Jakarta.

For his part, Chairman of Solid Egypt Mohamed El-Naggar said that the Solid CRM programme was designed to be the main real estate system that ensures organization and development and is compatible with changes in real estate market for development or marketing companies. This contributes to the ability to follow the course of work with ease and reach the smallest details, specifying the efficiency of each department and individual within the system.

He noted that the Solid CRM system is distinguished by the speed of the system, the accuracy of reports, the security of information, the recording of calls from mobile phones with ease and linking them to every customer profile, pointed out that the programme is available on iOS and android.

Solid’s business was launched in 2024, with a shared vision of building a strong strategic partnership, during which it achieved exceptional results and ensured its achievement of innovation and excellence, through its great expansion to reach its customer base to more than 150 real estate companies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

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