Space Tank Contracts with Sky Abu Dhabi to Equip and Develop Commercial Area

For BlueTree Project in New Cairo

As part of its plan to lead the market of integrated commercial and service facilities in the real estate sector, Space Tank – specialized in managing commercial centers and service facilities – has entered into a contract with Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Company – the real estate arm of the Emirati Diamond Group – to undertake the preparation and development of the commercial and service area within the “BlueTree” residential project in New Cairo.

This contract comes as a continuation of Space Tank’s journey aiming for robust expansion in 2024 by seizing more projects, partnering with major marketing companies, establishing exhibitions, and working on creating a large and leading group of commercial establishments and shopping centers in several projects and residential communities affiliated with major real estate development companies in the Egyptian market, the most famous ever.

Space Tank is responsible for consultancy and development works for commercial facilities in the “BlueTree” project, which is established on a total area of 50 acres – including 23 thousand square meters allocated for commercial and service activities – located in the heart of New Cairo in the “Golden Square” next to the Al Ahly Club branch in the Fifth Settlement, and close to the main axes leading to downtown and Cairo International Airport.

Space Tank’s role begins with planning the commercial and service area of the project, including generating ideas, engineering and technical planning, setting the execution schedule with the best supporting tools, proposing the nature of services to be provided within the project, facilitating communication with leading brands in the selected fields, and executing promotional ideas for the project without waiting for completion of the constructions.

Engineer Shadi Salim, CEO of Space Tank, expressed his pleasure at signing this contract with a giant real estate developer the size of Sky Abu Dhabi Company, indicating that the quality of Space Tank’s operations aligns with the standards implemented by Sky Abu Dhabi within its real estate projects, promising the execution of a residential compound mixed with commercial and service parts at the highest level.

Engineer Shadi Salim stated: “Since we recently launched our operations in the Egyptian market, we have succeeded in concluding important contracts that will change the concept of integrated commercial and service facilities in the real estate sector, and we intend to offer more excellence and uniqueness by developing commercial and service projects during the coming period, relying on our experiences in planning, execution, and attracting the best global partners to be present in these projects.”

Engineer Shadi Salim praised the role of Space Tank’s team, working on the BlueTree project under the supervision of Mohamed Kamal, Senior Manager of Research and Business Development, and Logine Khaled, Manager of Commercial Consultancy, in implementing the company’s vision according to the highest international planning and execution standards, based on their extensive and distinguished experiences in designing, developing, and executing integrated commercial facilities and service centers, thanking them for their contributions to making Space Tank successful and distinguished in this vital sector.

Space Tank is distinguished by its team’s experiences and outstanding cadres in providing consultancy, designs, and management of integrated commercial and service areas within major real estate projects and new cities. It has achieved remarkable achievements in the sector of integrated commercial and service facilities in the real estate sector, starting from development plans to management.

Commercial and service facilities require special expertise in terms of consultancy, design review, and studying market needs to achieve the highest international standards in creating a commercial and service environment full of activity, vitality, fun, and adventure with the highest quality. The commercial and service facilities sector is of utmost importance to the Egyptian market and is a distinctive mark and a pivotal step in the success of real estate development, and Space Tank contributes effectively, thanks to its unique experiences and capabilities, to the development of this vital sector.

On his part, Mustafa Salah, CEO of the Commercial Sector of Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Company, said that contracting with Space Tank contributes to accelerating the development of the BlueTree commercial project and providing integrated services to residents, emphasizing the company’s keenness to contract with the best companies in its field to ensure providing the highest quality of services to customers, within the framework of Sky Abu Dhabi’s vision to achieve added value in the real estate market by offering integrated projects to customers.

Salah added that the BlueTree project has achieved huge sales since its launch for reservation, thanks to its unique location in the best areas of New Cairo, modern design meeting the needs of customers, as well as the customers’ trust in the history of the Emirati Diamond Group.

Space Tank is currently collaborating with several major real estate developers in current projects, as well as working on developing a large and leading group of the most famous commercial centers with major real estate companies such as City Edge – Emaar – New Hawai – EBNY – Melee – Sky Abu Dhabi – Orascom Investment Holding – Manage to manage commercial facilities.

Space Tank intends to expand its business in many new projects during the coming period, in light of the company’s possession of leading global experiences and partnerships in the field of real estate consultancy and management of integrated commercial and service facilities, especially after the great successes achieved in developing the famous “Amusement Park” in the Fifth Settlement in front of District5.

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