SVC Implements the Highest Standards in Managing and Operating «Smart Village» in West Cairo

As part of its diligent efforts in ensuring an integrated work environment with the highest quality standards in the management and operation of Smart Village, Smart Villages Development and Management Company (SVC) has announced its cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, through the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, by receiving the mobile air monitoring laboratory unit (MAML) at “Smart Village” to measure levels of air purity in the area.

The MAML is used to collect and analyze data and information about air quality, to evaluate pollution levels and compare them to the permissible standards, both locally and internationally. This helps in creating standard references for preparing environmental indicators for air quality. The process is carried through employing 120 monitoring stations distributed across different regions nationwide, in addition to two mobile laboratories.

SVC’s Vice President Operation and Facilities, Eng. Louaye Al Mamlouk, stated that Smart Villages Development and Management Company periodically conducts scheduled tests to monitor air quality in open and green areas of the “Smart Village” as part of the company’s commitment to applying the highest international standards in project management, in accordance with sustainable environmental requirements to maintain air quality. “SVC considers Smart Village a pioneering and unique development in Egypt, and out of their commitment to the businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs and workers in Smart Village, they constantly work to cover every aspect to maintain the quality of the best work environment possible”, he continued.

The Vice President Operation and Facilities also highlighted that Smart Village’s strategic location in Western Cairo and being distant from the hustle and bustle of the City Center, provides a work environment free of pollutants, surrounded by lush green spaces that constitute more than 80% of the area of the business park.

It is worth noting that the “Smart Village” is the first integrated business park in Egypt that accommodates multinational, local companies, governmental and financial authorities, regulators, educational institutions, and R&D centers offering a wide array of services. It is also characterized by a quiet work environment, accomplished by an environmentally friendly design with the largest percentage of open green spaces compared to any similar project in Egypt. SVC is proud to be the first to adopt this concept in Egypt, with most village buildings embracing green designs that prioritize maintaining a sustainable environment for the Smart Village Community.

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