WAVZ and SC-Zone Collaborate on Groundbreaking Digital Transformation Project

WAVZ for Digital Transformation, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with SC-Zone, a prominent organization focused on harnessing the potential of the Suez Canal and its surrounding areas. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the IT infrastructure within SC-Zone.

“The primary objective of SC-Zone is to establish a business environment that is highly efficient, competitive, and environmentally sustainable, while also creating employment opportunities and positioning itself as a global hub for marine transportation and logistics services. To achieve this vision, SC-Zone aims to set new industry standards and become a beacon of responsible maritime practices, aligning with emerging market trends, improving customer services, and attracting new customers by offering cutting-edge solutions. We believe our partnership with WAVZ is a cornerstone towards the provision of advisory and operating services as needed by Port-Said SC-Zone.” Said Marwan Tag, IT General Manager, SC-Zone

The SC-Zone project is divided into two distinct phases, WAVZ will focus in the beginning on offering consultancy services for the evaluation, testing, and acceptance of project completion and deliverables of the vendor. Additionally, it involves ensuring the ongoing maintenance of project documentation, ensuring a seamless implementation process. In phase 2 of the project, WAVZ for digital transformation will take on the responsibility of training the current SC Zone resources and will also manage the operations of the Port-Said SC-Zone Datacenter and its associated IT, network, fiber, and electromechanical infrastructure. Furthermore, WAVZ will identify potential opportunities for improving Datacenter Operations by identifying operational gaps and risks within such complex environment.

Through this partnership, SC-Zone aims to make use of WAVZ experience across several key areas. The key objective will be to align the overall IT strategic directions with SC-Zone’s long-term vision and business goals. Such alignment should result in the development of an operational roadmap that includes a phased implementation approach and incorporates current and future business requirements.

Mr. Amr Esmat, CEO and Managing Director of WAVZ commented: “We are excited about this partnership with SC-Zone. This collaboration aims to maximize SC-Zone Return on Investment by reducing operational expenses and streamlining the management of the Port-Said datacenter to make it more efficient. WAVZ’s expertise will not only ensure efficient operations, but also adherence to schedules, and staying within budgeted costs, ultimately optimizing resources utilization”.

Mr. Mohamed El-Husseini, Chief Technical Officer of WAVZ added: “Our objective is to enable SC-Zone to deliver new projects smoothly and enhance the usability of the existing systems and infrastructure. This will empower SC-Zone to adapt to evolving business needs, ensuring flexibility and providing a seamless experience to its customers.”

The collaboration between SC-Zone and WAVZ signifies a commitment to driving innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging the expertise and strategic guidance of WAVZ, SC-Zone is well-positioned to achieve its goals and deliver exceptional results for the project.

This project will maximize productivity and efficiency, streamlining workflows, which will contribute to saving time and energy. With cutting-edge technology at their disposal, SC-Zone staff can expect a seamless and more efficient work process, which would enhance and improve their customer journey.

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