Ibtkar Real Estate achieved sales of 300 million pounds for its projects in New Cairo

Ibtkar Real Estate Development Company achieved real estate sales worth 300 million pounds for its projects in New Cairo during the past year, as the company achieved its sales target, and aims to double its sales during the current year.

The company has many different sales methods, which gives flexibility to the company’s employees and customers to choose the appropriate sales methods for purchasing housing units, said Mostafa Mohamed works in the company’s sales sector.

He added that the company aims to simplify the procedures for purchasing residential units, as it has multiple payment systems, whether to buy the unit on a cash basis or in installments, as the payment periods reach 5 years.

He stressed that despite the challenges facing the real estate sector, the market is witnessing a sales movement, contrary to expectations, as there are expectations of a decline in the percentage of sales due to the rise in real estate prices, but the sales movement on the ground is very high, due to customers’ fear of new heights, real estate prices in the coming period.

He continued the most appropriate time to buy real estate is the current time, before the real estate sector witnesses new price hikes, explaining that real estate prices have risen by no less than 40% during the last period, due to the insane rises in the prices of building materials during the last period. It is expected to increase in the coming period.

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