Mashreq Egypt appoints Mohamed Talaat as the Head of Retail Banking

Mashreq Egypt, one of the leading financial institutions in the region, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mohamed Talaat as the Head of Retail Banking for Mashreq Egypt.

Mohamed Talaat is a seasoned banking professional with more than 20 years of experience in various fields including business, credit risks, and finance, with an extensive background in digital transformation in banking industry.

In his new role, Mohamed Talaat will be responsible for optimizing the overall profitability of retail banking while creating and implementing the strategy for the retail banking in Egypt within the coming three to five years.

Furthermore, he will drive the retail banking business in Egypt and ensure delivery on financial & business targets. In addition to managing sales, distribution, product/marketing, and quality in order to meet business targets and fulfill customer needs.

Within his capacity, Mohamed Talaat will lead the implementation of all strategic initiatives for the retail unit, including customer agenda, client experience, and infrastructure enhancements. He will oversee the end-to-end retail customer experience along with the process re-design in conjunction with sales, operations, technology and credit. As well as establishing value propositions and defining the desired customer experience aimed at increasing the profitability of and improving the quality of service within the sector.

Commenting on the appointment, Amr El Bahey, Chief Executive Officer, Mashreq Egypt, said, “I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mohamed Talaat as Head of Retail Banking in Egypt. Talaat’s distinguished persona and vast experience builds on his capability lead Mashreq’s efforts for the coming phase. With his extensive background in the banking industry, we are confident in his ability to achieve Mashreq – Egypt’s objectives in retail banking.”

Mohamed Talaat, Head of Retail Banking, Mashreq – Egypt, said “I am happy to join Mashreq – Egypt and lead the bank’s retail banking services towards new successes. I also look forward to working with the bank’s distinguished team as well as collaborating with our partners to deliver customer-centric services that meet our client needs and achieve Mashreq’s strategic goals in Egypt.”

Mohamed holds a bachelor’s degree from Faculty of Economics & Political Science from Cairo University.

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