inDrive launches comfort class service in Cairo and Alexandria

inDrive, the global mobility and urban services platform, has launched their comfort class service in Cairo and Alexandria.  This offers passengers the option to travel in cars of a higher standard, with more comfortable features. inDrive’s principle of pricing remains the same, however: the passenger and driver agree on the price and details of the trip between themselves.

Moataz Toba, Business Development Representative for inDrive MENA, stated that: “Comfort class is something we are trying out. inDrive is finding ways to improve the quality of rides for users and present them with more options, like regular rides, air conditioned vehicles, and now the comfort class service.  This is an option for people who are happy to pay more for additional comfort”.

“Currently this service is available only in Cairo and Alexandria. We will see how it performs in those cities, and then consider its expansion to other cities in the near future. Egypt is inDrive’s biggest market in MENA, and expanding here is essential”, added by Moataz.

The new comfort class service evaluates the current fleet of cars available, and ensures that these meet the higher standards expected by users. It offers newer and diverse car models that provide enhanced comfort and fulfill different customer preferences.

This service includes cars that provide a little more space, compared to economy class vehicles. They usually have better interior materials, more legroom, and offer more conveniences.

Additionally, comfort class drivers will receive special onboarding and training sessions to ensure they deliver the best possible service.


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